Giving Woodworking A Try – Entry Table

While I do like to make things, I’ve not spent much time making things out of wood aside from a few workbenches or small shelves. So, clearly, I’d be able to make a nice piece of furniture out of expensive walnut using joinery techniques I know nothing about, right?

We moved into a new house a year or two ago and my wife wanted a nice entryway table. She showed me a few pieces she liked and I said “That’s so expensive and it looks really simple. I could totally make that.” However, the only tool I had was a cordless drill, a circular saw, and an orbital sander. So I also said that I’d need at least a table saw and a router to do the project. That means I got an early Christmas gift of a DeWalt 7485 table saw (with a stand), and then I picked up a Kobalt router and router table. This was early November and I’m writing this post in May – I’ll let you decide if she regretted her decision.

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