How To Make Simple Staff List Single Staff Member Templates Work With Your Theme

Now that Simple Staff List has support for single Staff Member pages – you’ll need to make them fit in with your theme. This is really much easier than it sounds – I’ll walk you through it.

Now, as I said in my introductory post about single Staff Member pages, you don’t need to do anything for the default WordPress themes (Twenty Seventeen, Twenty Sixteen, etc.). But that doesn’t help if you’re not using one of those themes does it? Here’s how to add support for whichever theme your website is using.

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Getting Started with Simple Staff List Single Staff Member Templates

So this has probably been the most requested feature since I released Simple Staff List several years ago – single Staff Member templates. With Simple Staff List 2.1.0 you’ll be able to customize what’s shown on a single Staff Member page.

All of the default template files are located in simple-staff-list/public/templates. To override a file, copy the template file you want to change into a directory within your theme or child theme named sslp-templates keeping the same file structure.

If this style of templating sounds familiar to you, it should. I’ve taken the same approach that WooCommerce does to templating.

For example: If you want to override the staff bio section, copy wp-content/plugins/simple-staff-list/public/templates/single-staff-member/staff-bio.php to wp-content/themes/yourtheme/sslp-templates/single-staff-member/staff-bio.php. The file in your theme will now override the default Simple Staff List file.

There’s also built-in support for the TwentySeventeen and TwentySixteen default WordPress themes. So if you’re using one of those themes, you’ll only have to override the templates if you want to change the layout.


I hope this gives you a quick overview of the new templating features in the latest version of Simple Staff List. Please don’t hesitate to open a support ticket if you have questions or run into any issues. For a more in-depth look at how this feature works, keep reading below.

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Whole30 Week 3 Recap

Time of death – 8:43pm Friday, March 10th. Well, it was at least a decent attempt at another round of Whole30. But Friday night, hunger, sleep deprivation (due to a 7 month old) got the better of us and we fell off the wagon. I won’t go into all the delicious details for those of you that might still be attempting a Whole30, but let’s just say it involved taco shells made of Doritos.

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Admin Bar Edit Content Links WordPress Plugin

The options page. Every custom post type registered on your site will show up here.
The options page. Every custom post type registered on your site will show up here.

So I’ve got another plugin in the WordPress plugin repository called “Admin Bar Edit Content Links.” Yeah, I know it’s a really long name.It adds a menu to the admin bar with links to edit pages, posts, or any other custom post type used on your site. There’s an options page so you can choose which post types you want in and which ones you want out. All personal bias aside, this is one of my absolute favorite time-saving WordPress plugins. I install it on every website I touch and once my clients use it, they can’t get by without it. Continue reading “Admin Bar Edit Content Links WordPress Plugin”