Day 2 of Whole30

Day 1 was a success – I didn’t eat any peanut butter. Today was also a win.


Had the same breakfast as yesterday –  Brussels Sprouts Sweet Potato Sausage Hash. Still pretty tasty. This recipe will definitely stay in the rotation for the month, but we’ll be switching it up tomorrow.


This is boring, but did the same snack – a banana and some cashews. No itchy mouth yesterday, so I think I’m in the clear with this particular batch of cashews.

Lunch & Dinner

I could eat this at least twice a week from now until the Bengals win the Super Bowl. Buffalo Chicken, Bacon & Ranch Skillet w/ Roasted Brussels Sprouts – this used the Paleo Ranch I mentioned yesterday. Again, this was amazing and even if you’re not doing Whole30, or if you think you don’t like brussels sprouts, you should definitely try this one. That picture isn’t awesome, but yet again, I forgot to plate it so it looked nice.

Snack #2

Had some almonds and raisins, but I might eat some celery and almond butter a little later.

I didn’t mention it yesterday but I’m also trying to drink

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