(Another) Day 1 of Whole30

My wife and I started our 2nd (not consecutive) round of Whole30 today, and I’m hungry. She’s hungry. I spent the weekend meal planning, shopping, and cooking our first few meals for the week, but I had forgotten how much food you need to eat on this diet (lifestyle change?) to stay full.


Started the day out with Brussels Sprouts Sweet Potato Sausage Hash – it was awesome. Although I slightly modified their recipe – I can make a pretty decent turkey sausage from scratch so I didn’t buy the brand they suggest. Also, their recipe doesn’t actually call for an egg, but shows one in the picture so I made myself one to go on top of the hash. I didn’t think about taking a picture of my plate but I’ll try to remember that from now on.*


For a morning snack I just had a banana and a small handful of cashews. I think I have a slight intolerance of cashews, which I think is related to the shell containing the same chemical (urushiol) as poison ivy (I’m highly reactive to poison ivy). I ate some cashew butter and got an “itchy” mouth on a few occasions. I’ve only had a mild reaction to the cashew butter – never with “raw” cashews, but I still start slowly with any new container of cashews.


Our lunch consisted of a couple of hamburger patties leftover from last week and a small-ish baked yukon gold potato with some Paleo Ranch (which is AMAZING, btw). Nothing too exciting here other than the fact that we can eat white potatoes on Whole30 now – it wasn’t like that our first time through.

Snack #2

Had an afternoon snack of handful of almonds and raisins. Really missed the dark chocolate chips that usually accompany that snack.


Dinner was Crispy to the Root Chicken Thighs Breasts – it too, was pretty tasty. We swapped out the chicken thighs for breasts because my wife is not a fan of dark meat chicken. The recipe also calls for white sweet potatoes and we used just the normal ones. Oh…and 20 garlic cloves. Seriously? Ain’t nobody got time to peel 20 cloves of garlic so we used like 10.

Snack #3

Then, because like I said – I’m hungry, I had another snack of the Simple Truth Organic Unsweetened Applesauce with about as much cinnamon as I could mix into it. But I’m still hungry. 🍕 🌯  🍔  🍟  🍰  🥖

* I fully plan on adding photos of the meals I eat on future posts – I just decided I was going to write about my experience 20 minutes ago. 😄

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