Whole30 Week 3 Recap

Time of death – 8:43pm Friday, March 10th. Well, it was at least a decent attempt at another round of Whole30. But Friday night, hunger, sleep deprivation (due to a 7 month old) got the better of us and we fell off the wagon. I won’t go into all the delicious details for those of you that might still be attempting a Whole30, but let’s just say it involved taco shells made of Doritos.

Ok. For real, though.

Although we are going to stop calling what we’re doing “Whole30” we are still going to continue to try to eat better…most of the time. I understand that Whole30 is not meant as a “forever” lifestyle and is more about introducing people to eating clean food and breaking bad eating habits. It’s also good for finding out how your body reacts to different types food – hence the cutting out of dairy, legumes, etc. and then re-introducing them. It’s also not meant as a weight loss tool although you can (and I did) lose some weight during your Whole30.

We already understand the benefits of eating clean, it’s just that, as a human, it’s really hard to do 100% of the time. Going forward, my goal will be to only eat 1-2 “bad” meals per week. I’m also going to try to start incorporating a walk or jog first thing in the morning before breakfast, then another walk in the afternoon with my daughter if the weather cooperates.

A lot of the clean eating principles I’ll try to follow come from The Dolce Diet: Living Lean. The author of that book, Mike Dolce, is a sports nutrition coach. He got his start by working with MMA athletes, but now works with athletes from other sports as well. He has several other books he’s written, and a podcast I subscribe to. His personality and motivation style may not be the right fit for you (my wife is not a fan). It resonates with me, though, and helps get me back on track when I’ve lost focus.

Looking Forward

I mentioned above that Whole30 isn’t meant as a weight loss too. We both experienced success at losing weight the last time through, so that was our reasoning behind attempting another round. I’m sure my results would have been better had we not ran out of will power. My starting weight the morning of February 20th was 222.8 lbs. After week 1, I was down to 219.6 lbs for a loss of 3.2 lbs. Pretty good for one week of dieting and no increase in exercise. After week 2 (and some pizza), I was down to 218.8 lbs – a loss of 0.8 lbs. Not great, but considering I ate half a large pizza over the weekend I wasn’t upset. This morning when I weighed in after quitting Whole30 over the weekend, I was sitting at 218.7 lbs – a loss of 0.1 lbs. That gives me a total loss of 4.1 lbs over the 3 weeks of Whole30. I’m sure that total would have been greater if I had kept with it, but still a net positive. 👍

I’m going to try to continue to chronicle my seemingly never-ending goal of weight loss and maintaining that weight loss. Also, I’m not really sure what that looks like just yet. If it stays here or moved to another website, but I’ll keep you posted.

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