Whole30 Week 2 Recap

Oof. Ok, so last week was kind of a mess with the meal planning. I ended up giving myself way too much to do – trying to cook at least one (and sometimes two) new recipes in one evening after 7pm. Tried something different this week and kept everything really loose.

Went to the grocery on Sunday and just bought enough protein (hamburger, chicken, NY strip, bacon, Aidel’s Chicken Apple Sausage) to get us through the week, along with white and sweet potatoes. Also got more fruit, nuts, and nut butters. That night, I fired up the grill, prepped all the meat (minus the bacon) and started cooking. I ended up making 5 lbs of chicken breast, 2 lb of hamburger, and 2 10-12 oz NY Strip steaks and wrapped it all up to eat this week.

This worked out pretty well – it definitely lightened the cooking load for me in the evenings, but I didn’t plan well enough for side items so we pretty much ended up eating a white or sweet potato with every meal. I did make some more cauliflower rice midway through the week to break it up some. But I think next week I’ll get some broccoli, more cauliflower, and maybe a spaghetti squash.

Our snacks have been working out pretty well so far, so I’ll keep that the same. Just making sure to have plenty of apples, bananas, grapes, pineapple, almonds (raw and butter), cashews (raw and butter), and raisins.

OH – one thing I did make this week was some pineapple ice cream. You just slice up a pineapple (~ about 4 cups) and freeze it. Once frozen, put it in a blender with about a cup of coconut milk and pray your blender can handle it – ours almost couldn’t. It kinda tastes like the Dole Whip you can get from the Dole Plantation in Hawaii (and apparently some other places too) but not quite. I think our problem was our blender was barely hanging on so it ended up tasting a little grainy. Good, but grainy. Pro tip: eat it right after you make it – once it’s been frozen, you may have to eat it like shave ice.

Eating Out

Saturday morning we got some take out from First Watch. We both got their Farmhouse skillet hash (no cheese). We’ve had that before, but it was really good. For lunch we both got the Green Goddess Cobb Salad from Panera. I swapped out my greens mix for spinach and romaine lettuce, and left off the pickled red onions (sugar). We kinda messed up though, and had the Green Goddess dressing, which is made with Mayo so we had a little bit of added sugar.

And then…this happened.

Well, maybe not that exactly. But close. We had a moment of weakness Saturday night brought on by being too hungry and tired to exercise will power. We ordered pizza and drank beer. It makes worrying about the butter or sugar we may have had earlier on in the day hilarious.

That’s ok. We’re human and sometimes humans need to eat pizza and drink a beer. We’ve been through Whole30 before, so this round isn’t about the detox and figuring out the types of food your body won’t tolerate. We were back on the Whole30 wagon Sunday morning. 👍

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